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I'm an independent software developer creating small commercial, experimental, and for-fun projects.

Projects & Products

Pickle App for Slack - Commercial, MicroSaaS


Pickle - Upcoming Features - Update 1

Features that I expect to be available on Pickle production within the next 4 weeks

Pickle #pickle #slack
A mixed code/visual designer for UIs and assets

A UI and asset designer with some of the conveniences you'd find in visual design tools.

Experiments #experiment #tools #ui
SQL Alchemy and MySQL JSON

SQLAlchemy and MySQL 5.7+ support JSON datatypes. I used it in parts of my application instead of traditional columns, here's what I learned.

Development #database #sqlalchemy
Handling Flask application context for slack_bolt

How to fix the RuntimeError: No application found exception when using flask-sqlalchemy with slack_bolt.

Development #flask #slack #python